The Village Geek Is Going Mobile


After 18 years in the same Zionsville location, I have made the decision to close our retail outlet. It was a tough decision, but the cost of the “brick and mortar” outlet has ballooned, the need to inventory parts is long past, and I’ve gotten older. It is time to make this a more personal experience for our customers.

We (Marlene and I) will continue to service you, our customers, with the same quality of service you have come to expect. Everything will remain the same, except when you need service we will come to you. If your computer needs service that requires in shop service, I will pick it up and deliver it back to you at no additional charge.

Today’s mobile technologies have changed everything, I hope you find this new service to be more in keeping with the times, while we maintain the personal service we have always provided. I hope you like our new web page, and please notice that you can schedule your own appointment here on the site! We will call you to go over the details of your service needs before we arrive.

Marlene and I appreciate the support you have given us over the decades, and look forward to continuing this relationship in the future.

Computers are Computers

I often get asked “What is the best brand computer to buy?”  Of course I look the person straight in the eye and tell them “We prefer Village Geek Computers.”  Once the prospective customer realizes that we are in fact a computer manufacturer, they will ask me if our computers are the same as the brand name computers, or if they are competitively priced.

Let’s set aside all the baloney you might hear from advertising or from salesmen, or even from your neighborhood geek.  The fact is computers are computers, and they cost what they cost.  Let me explain.

Computers are computers:

All major manufacturer use Intel or AMD based computer hardware, and so does the Village Geek.  Inside my computer you will see the same Intel processor and chipset, the same Nvidia graphics, the same Seagate hard drive and the same Intel, and Gigabyte motherboards.  However we do have a warranty advantage on those parts, since we buy the models with 1 to 3 year warranties.

And they cost what they cost:

In the computer business, a $.50 discount on a part is a pretty big deal.  In a typical computer, there are only six to eight parts.  So while Dell has the economies of scale, the actual cost of what they build is pretty much the same as what it cost me to build one and they sell it for pretty much the same price Ido.  They save maybe $5 per computer but they sell a bazillion so they make five bazillion dollars more than we do.


Some minor geeks out there are saying “Now wait a minute, I saw XYZ for a nickel ninety-five the other day at Fryes…”  True enough.

Certainly there are low quality discount parts out there.  Brands like Nanya memory or ECS motherboards sell parts at very low prices and their failure rate is very high.  We don’t use those brands, and neither does Dell, HP, Compaq, eMachines or Gateway.  The cost of returns is too great both financially and in customer satisfaction.

There are some ridiculously low loss leader sales at the big box stores.  When you see a full sized notebook advertised for under $500, you are the only person making money on that deal.  The manufacturer has taken a concession to gain market share, or the retailer is selling below cost to get you into the store.  You will notice how intent the sales people are at getting you to buy extras if you manage to get your hands on one few loss leaders they have.

So what is my point?

The real truth is we don’t make much money on computers or computer parts, so we really don’t mind if you buy a name brand computer.  We will be happy to service it for you either way.  The main reason we sell computers and hardware is so we can provide you with a high quality product that has been tuned specifically to what you need.  The other advantage to our computers is that we handle the warranty.  In the rare case when a customer does have an issue, they will not spend one minute on the phone trying to get through a Tier One tech support call. You just tell us what you are having trouble with, and we take care of it, thank you very much.